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GIA CERTIFICATES 7488081845-E-VS2-0.20ct GIA CERTIFICATES1487311787E-VS2-0.20ct GIA CERTIFICATES 3485249278-E-VS2-0.20ct GIA CERTIFICATES 5483167074-E-VS2-0.20ct GIA CERTIFICATES 7481080302-E-VS2-0.20ct GIA CERTIFICATES 2414232527-E-VS2-0.20ct  GIA CERTIFICATES 1489176257-E-VS2-0.20ct  GIA CERTIFICATES 2484032294-E-VS2-0.20ct GIA CERTIFICATES1469624846E-VS2-0.20ct GIA CERTIFICATES 1483249038-E-VS2-0.20ct GIA CERTIFICATES5483248899-E-VS2-0.20ct  GIA CERTIFICATES 6472854377-E-VS2-0.20ct GIA CERTIFICATES 2487193358-E-VS2-0.20ct   GIA CERTIFICATES 6475160964-E-VS2-0.20ct GIA CERTIFICATES 7486265402-E-VS2-0.20ct GIA CERTIFICATES 3485283686-E-VS2-0.20ct GIA CERTIFICATES 1488239494-E-VS2-0.20ct GIA CERTIFICATES 5486193136-E-VS2-0.20ct GIA CERTIFICATES 7481221922E-VS2-0.20ct GIA CERTIFICATES 1488015767-E-VS2-0.20ct GIA CERTIFICATES 2457911386-E-VS2-0.20ct GIA CERTIFICATES 6485239376-E-VS2-0.20ct GIA CERTIFICATES 7482200228-E-VS2-0.20ct GIA CERTIFICATES 6475991460E-VS2-0.20ct GIA CERTIFICATES1465137602-E-VS2-0.20ct GIA CERTIFICATES 5486238389E-VS2-0.20ct GIA CERTIFICATES 5483292704-E-VS2-0.20ct GIA CERTIFICATES 7488081845-E-VS2-0.20ct GIA CERTIFICATES 7481083229-VS2-0.20ct GIA CERTIFICATES 7488207298-E-VS2-0.20ct GIA CERTIFICATES 7486170632-E-VS2-0.20ct GIA CERTIFICATES 1475359790-E-VS2-0.20ct  GIA CERTIFICATES 7438521899-E-VS2-0.20ct GIA CERTIFICATES 6475244147-E-VS2-0.20ct GIA CERTIFICATES1487297916-E-VS2-0.20ct GIA CERTIFICATES 6481176226-E-VS2-0.20ct GIA CERTIFICATES 3485015250-E-VS2-0.20ct 

Gold Color: White
Category: Bracelets
Gold Weight: 12.75 gr.
Diamond Weight: 9 ct.
Metal: Diamonds, Gold,
Occasion: Anniversary, Engagement / Wedding, Graduation, New Year & Christmas, Wedding Anniversary,
For Whom: Lady,


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