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  • Type : Diamond Jewelry

GIA CERTIFICATES 7411823508-F-VS2-0.30ct GIA CERTIFICATES 2404994982-F-VS2-0.30ct GIA CERTIFICATES 7391330654-F-VS2-0.30ct GIA CERTIFICATES 1433038035-F-VS2- GIA CERTIFICATES 2404994982-F-VS2-0.30ct GIA CERTIFICATES 1423959178-F-VS2-0.30ct GIA CERTIFICATES 2424957303-F-VS2-0.30ct GIA CERTIFICATES 5406705047-F-VS2-0.30ct GIA CERTIFICATES 6435121520-F-VS2-0.30ct GIA CERTIFICATES 3445165286-F-VS2-0.30ct GIA CERTIFICATES 2406856409-F-VS2-0.30ct GIA CERTIFICATES 6421234317-F-VS2-0.30ct GIA CERTIFICATES 2414397191-F-VS2-0.30ct GIA CERTIFICATES 6432437340-F-VS2-0.30ct GIA CERTIFICATES 5406459808-F-VS2-0.30ct GIA CERTIFICATES 2436124564-F-VS2-0.30ct GIA CERTIFICATES 2388933632-F-VS2-0.30ct GIA CERTIFICATES 1413977356-F-VS2-0.30ct GIA CERTIFICATES 2414586521-F-VS2-0.30ct GIA CERTIFICATES 2437166811-F-VS2-0.30ct GIA CERTIFICATES 7432040747-F-VS2-0.30ct GIA CERTIFICATES 3415844420-F-VS2-0.30ct GIA CERTIFICATES 1459432243-F-VS2-0.30ct GIA CERTIFICATES 2457419667-F-VS2-0.30ct GIA CERTIFICATES 6425233980-F-VS2-0.30ct GIA CERTIFICATES 1459508899-F-VS2-0.30ct GIA CERTIFICATES 2417026765-F-VS2-0.30ct GIA CERTIFICATES 7411800658-F-VS2-0.30ct GIA CERTIFICATES 1453444486-F-VS2-0.30ct GIA CERTIFICATES 7418128042-F-VS2-0.30ct GIA CERTIFICATES 7443693432-F-VS2-0.30ct GIA CERTIFICATES 6411895087-F-VS2-0.30ct GIA CERTIFICATES 6455460891-F-VS2-0.30ct GIA CERTIFICATES 2456492420-F-VS2-0.30ct GIA CERTIFICATES 2414347163-F-VS2-0.30ct GIA CERTIFICATES 2404994982-F-VS2-0.30ct GIA CERTIFICATES 1453384249-F-VS2-0.30ct GIA CERTIFICATES 3435098164-F-VS2-0.30ct GIA CERTIFICATES 7433291069-F-VS2-0.30ct GIA CERTIFICATES 2446443874-F-VS2-0.30ct GIA CERTIFICATES 6432366844-F-VS2-0.30ct

Gold Color: White
Category: Bracelets
Gold Weight: 16.55 gr.
Diamond Weight: 11.7 ct.
Metal: Diamonds, Gold,
Occasion: Anniversary, Graduation, Mothers' Day, New Year & Christmas, Wedding Anniversary,
For Whom: Lady,


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